iFD Currency

iFD Currency 1.3.5

Convert currencies and receive real-time exchange rates

iFD Currency is the program which you should have installed on your Pocket PC before going on a trip abroad. No matter where you go - Venezuela or Paraguay or Vietnam or the Philippines, for sure you need to know the exchange rates of the currencies in those countries against the US Dollars or maybe the UK Pounds or the Euro. So our advice is - don't leave without iFD Currency Converter. Buy it or try it first but don't forget it.

You can use the online update services to have exchange rates updated per hour or manually enter the rates. You can create your own sets and pairs of currencies and convert any amounts of a currency in any other currency available in the program. For each currency, you can view the exchange rate against other currency.

Features of the program include:

Currency Set

Currency Set allows you to monitor the exchange rate of a large set of other currencies. Several predefined sets are available for you. If they are not appropriate, you can define new sets. For example you can have a Canadian Dollars against Euro, UK Pounds, Japanese Yen, and Vietnam Dong. Then you can calculate any amounts of Canadian Dollars against the currencies defined in this set. The reciprocal exchange rates (Euro against Canadian Dollars, UK Pounds against Canadian Dollars, etc.) are also calculated.

Later you may need to add Tunisian Dinars and Venezuela Bolivares and remove Vietnam Dong. You can also delete the whole set in case you don't need it any more or create as many new sets as you wish.

Currency Pairs

In Currency Pairs you can create pairs of currencies and convert different amounts from one currency to another. Similar to Currency Set, you can add, remove and edit pairs.


In Rates you can view the exchange rate for each currency against the other currencies

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iFD Currency


iFD Currency 1.3.5

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